Last Post: November 18, 2014

Designing A Spa Style Bathroom
November 18, 2014

Homeowners these days are looking for stylish ways to add comfort and cutting-edge functionality in their bathroom. Aside from increasing the value of your home, having a little luxury won’t hurt.


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Creative Home Remodeling
November 1, 2014

Creative home remodeling can be a fun and fulfilling venture. By working on these projects now, you and your family will truly enjoy all the comfort and convenience of a brand new home.

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Kitchen Countertop Guide for First-Time Buyers
October 30, 2014

For first time buyers, choosing a countertop is no easy feat. There are a lot of options out there – from granite to quartz and solid surface counters. Many homeowners don’t know where to begin, but that’s what we’re here for. We will guide you in making an informed purchase and customizing your countertop to a whole new level.

  • The beauty and durability of natural stone make it a popular choice for countertops. It brings true elegance to your kitchen. Whether it’s granite or marble, it can transform the look of your kitchen. Consider investing in a material that’s not only captivating but also functional.

  • As you look at home design magazines and online catalogs, keep in mind that the colors you see may look different in person. Make sure to visit a showroom so you can choose countertops with confidence. Select a color that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and compliment the overall look of your kitchen.

  • It’s the small details that make a kitchen unique. The edge profile of the countertop can have a huge impact on functionality. Square, beveled, mitered, bullnose and ogee are some of the most sought after choices.  

  • Before you buy a new sink and faucet, figure out the perfect size for your cooking and cleaning needs. A large sink will give you more space for food prep and cleanup while smaller sink will cost less than bigger ones.  

  • Each countertop material comes with specific maintenance requirements. Ask your contractor about proper cleaning and stain removal. If you need something low maintenance, choose a non-porous and stain resistant material such as quartz and solid surface. On the other hand, granite and marble may require resealing every year or two to ensure bacteria resistance and should be cleaned with a particular stone-cleaning agent.

Consider your countertop decision as a big investment. Take the time to shop around, know your options, confirm your budget and stick to it, and then make the leap.