Last Post: August 4, 2015

How to Clean Your Granite Countertop
August 4, 2015

Granite is a gorgeous stone that will last for a very long time. It is durable, scratch-resistant and heatproof. However, to keep it bright and shining, you need to use the right material to clean it. Here is a quick “how to” on cleaning your granite countertop:

Step 1. Use a damp microfiber rag to remove debris from your countertop. If there is any build up, try using a hot wet rag to scrub out caked on bits.

Step 2. Wash the counter using warm soapy water and a microfiber rag.

Step 3. Dry off your counter using a microfiber rag. This will get any last dust off of the countertop before you use a specialty solution.

Step 4. Use a pH-balanced cleaner to wipe down your granite countertops. You can often find specialty granite cleaners in the store. You can also make your own mix by combining three parts dish detergent with one part rubbing alcohol into a bucket of clean, warm water.

Step 5. Run your clean hand over your granite countertop to be sure you didn't miss any spots of dirt.

Step 6. If there are any streaks, you can buff them out with a dry microfiber cloth.

Your counters are now very clean and streak free!

Our Five Favorite Bathroom Design Trends
August 4, 2015


We are often rushing in and out of the bathroom, spending as little time as possible in this little room. But what if you had a bright, open space with a spa-like atmosphere? Would you be in such a hurry to take a shower, or would you luxuriate in the tub? There are the questions we ask ourselves when helping a customer pick the right stone to accent their bathroom.

#1. This brings us to the first trend that we love. That is, utiliing nature and natural accents to create a serene and warm feel. Granite or quartz countertops paired with wood wall accents and a freestanding tub feels elegant and luxurious.

#2. Freestanding bathtubs are another favorite. They give the room a more striking look while making your bathroom feel big and restful. You can also get a custom freestanding tub that will fit your entire body. No more bathing sitting up!

#3. Custom vanities create the perfect space for you to shave or primp. We have seen some really gorgeous marble-topped vanities that make the space feel completely separate from the rest of the bathroom.

#4. No one likes to shower in a cramped little space. Spacious showers are on-trend, giving you space to stretch out and get clean, making your bathroom feel like your favorite spa.

#5. The sustainalbe and eco-materials trend absolutely delights us. We have a number of fantastic eco products and it feels right that the industry should take notice of the need for environmental improvement.

What is your perfect bathroom? Let us know!

Designing a Kitchen Island
July 28, 2015

The kitchen island provides an extra space for food preparation or casual dining. Materials come in a variety of surfaces and will play a role in your overall design. A solid surface is well-recommended for durability; in particular, granite has the ability to withstand daily wear-and-tear and cooking activity. You may also consider a butcher block that’s perfect for chopping and stainless steel to clean up messes easily.

If you want to add a kitchen island, consider its function and the size of your kitchen. Whether you opt for a small or huge island, this should contribute to an efficient kitchen layout.

Most homeowners opt for a traditional rectangular island, while others choose a T-shaped or L-shaped style to create a multi-purpose area. For example, they can prep food on one side while accommodating family members at the other end.

Placement is another important factor. You should be able to get around the kitchen efficiently. The ideal aisle size between a kitchen counter and island for a single cook is 42 inches. You can go up to 48 inches. Your kitchen island should be visually appealing and practical, otherwise it can become an obstacle that always gets in your way.

Once you’ve finalized the design concept, visit us in our showroom – you’ll surely find a material that can be styled to fit any kitchen scheme.