Last Post: March 24, 2015

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Countertop
March 24, 2015

spring cleaning your countertop

It’s that time of the year again! Spring cleaning has become an annual tradition. How you clean your countertop clearly depends on the type of material they are made from. Follow this guide to spring cleaning your countertop:

  • A microfiber cloth comes handy when dusting off the surface. Wipe it down using water or a pH-neutral stone cleaner (we recommend DuPont cleaners for day-to-day cleaning).

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals with high pH, such as concentrated bleach and oven cleaners. These alkaline solutions can etch the stone and are not recommended for stone surface.

  • Steel wool is the worst enemy of your counter. It will scratch most countertops in no time. Use a clean sponge – this shouldn’t be the same sponge you are using to clean the dishes. Better yet, use dishrags as kitchen sponges become germ-keepers.

  • Mold and mildew can grow on any surface and on just about anything in your kitchen (including sponges) and it is necessary to keep them under control. CDC recommends using a disinfectant preparation or a weak bleach solution designed for use on countertops.

  • Food, grease, gum, paint, nail polish, and other materials that harden as they dry can be tough to remove. Remove these gently by scraping away with a plastic putty knife.

  • Use a cleaner specifically made to remove hard water stains, such as Lime-A-Way and CLR

To learn more tips in keeping your countertop sparkling and free from harmful bacteria, read this.

Remodeling a Small Kitchen
March 17, 2015

Small kitchens are cozy and we love the charm it brings to your home. If you want to give it a makeover this season, there are many creative ideas and space-saving tips you can embrace. 

remodeling a small kitchen

  • Maximize the functionality of the space by multitasking. You can opt for an island instead of having a traditional table. This would turn into a family gathering space and at the same time, a nice spot for prep and storage.
  • Use compact appliances to meet your demands while creating an efficient space.
  • Get one large countertop instead of smaller ones all throughout the kitchen. This creates more open space and busy cooks will surely appreciate this. 
  • Utilize the space above the cabinets. While it may be harder to reach, this can be a perfect place to keep seasonal items.
  • Consider a spice rack cabinet tucked inside one of the cabinet doors – it’s a great way to organize your condiments and free up counter space.
  • Create illusion by installing under-the-counter lighting. Doing this will allow your kitchen to appear bigger and set the mood for your kitchen.
  • A large window can help natural light shine into your new kitchen. This brings warmth and makes an inviting atmosphere during sunny days.
  • Consider replacing your flooring with diagonal tiles to create the illusion of a larger space.
  • Get open shelving and display your dishes, bowls, and glassware for a casual and more relaxed feel.

The secret to a successful small kitchen remodel is having visual balancing. Contact us today and we can help you do exactly that!

Embrace these classic kitchen designs
March 16, 2015

Classic kitchen designs

Many people would like to have a kitchen tailored to their aesthetic needs but if you are at loss in defining your style, you can never go wrong with these timeless kitchen design elements:


White or cream cabinets. Needless to say, they match nearly every countertop or backsplash.


Simple cabinet doors. Not too extravagant, not too outdated. Keeping it simple, such as having shaker doors with bead molding, is the way to go if you want a classic kitchen design.

Simple architectural details. Again the word here is simplicity. For instance, furniture-style toe kicks and an island with legs can bring elegance and enhance your kitchen design.

If you are considering a quick makeover or a complete kitchen remodel, click here.