Last Post: April 21, 2015

Five Eco-Friendly Countertops for Your Kitchen
April 21, 2015


One of the most sought after kitchen improvement projects is replacing countertops. To celebrate Earth Day, it’s smart to go green and if you’re looking for sustainable materials, Milan Stoneworks offers eco-friendly alternatives that are just as good-looking as traditional stone counters.

Whether you can afford something luxe or are on a tight budget, green kitchen countertops are a great investment. They are made from recycled or sustainable materials, low-toxicity binders, have an ecological manufacturing process, or a combination. We recommend these countertops that earn praises for style and durability.

Fuez. One of Portland’s eco-friendly options, Fuez minimizes your carbon footprint and has a mix of cement, fly ash, and curb-side recycled glass. You can visit our showroom and choose from any of the 28 beautiful standard products, or you can create your own. We are flexible in our slabs and aggregates, shapes, colors, and sizes, giving our customers complete creative control in designing their unique Fuez surfaces. Overall, this is an outstanding product.

CaesarStone Quartz. Caesarstone is committed to protecting the environment. The product is comprised of 93% natural quartz. The stain, scratch, and heat-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for care-free countertops.

Staron Quartz. Another certified eco-friendly option, Staron® quartz is a non-porous product and highly resistant to bacterial growth and stain, thus making the product virtually maintenance free, since it doesn't require sealing or periodic polishing.

LG Viatera. LG Viatera is a smart addition to your eco-conscious living space. It uses sustainable material and an eco-friendly manufacturing process and earned NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) and Greenguard certifications.

IceStone Recycled Glass and Concrete Surfaces. IceStone is one of the most popular eco-friendly countertops out there due to the VOC-free, high recycled content and Cradle to Cradle™ certification. It is ideal for projects seeking LEED certification.


At Milan Stoneworks, we are passionate about supporting a greener earth. To discover more Mother Nature approved kitchen countertops, click here


Save Water in Style: Your Bathroom Faucet Buying Guide
April 14, 2015


Whether you are fixing a leaky faucet, replacing an old one as an attempt to green your bathroom for Earth Day or as part of a larger remodeling plan, there are a few things you need to consider. Once you’ve chosen a nice countertop and sink, it’s time to pick a faucet that fits. Questions you have in mind might be along the line of: What styles are available? What types of finishes are out there? What additional features should I get? Here’s a quick guide to choosing your next bathroom faucet and save water in style.

  • You need a faucet that's built to handle your busy household. Get the right combination of features and think about functionality more than aesthetics, so you create an area that works for you.

  • Decide if you want a one-handle, widespread, center-set or wall mount faucet. You will be using it every day and it’s best to get something that offers convenience.

  • If a dripping faucet can’t be fixed, it’s time for a replacement. Choose one that has the same number of holes in the deck of the sink as the one that's being replaced. One-piece faucets usually need one hole for the handle/spout piece. Traditional faucets require three holes for the taps and spout.

Remember, choose a finish and style that matches your bathroom hardware for a unified look. Chrome appears polished, brushed, or matte; stainless won’t show water spots; brass is ideal for traditional styles. Check out our past remodeling projects for design inspiration


Designing a Kid-Friendly Bathroom
April 7, 2015

kid friendly bathroom

It’s always fun to design your children’s bathroom - you can experiment with vibrant colors and cute decor that your kids will surely love. If you are planning a bathroom makeover soon, the most important thing to consider is safety. Here are some ideas for creating a kid-friendly space.

  • Select the right tub that is not too deep and convenient to use. Also, be sure to avoid anything that protrudes from the wall and might result in your little ones bumping their head, like soap dishes and shelves. Consider having a storage space or basket where you can store toys and trinkets such as bubble baths, rubber ducks, and sponges that will have them splashing around in no time.

  • Installing a hand shower makes bathing a breeze. This is also a great way to gradually transition your kids from baths to showers as the water coming from a traditional shower can scare them.

  • Add a splash of color, be it on the shower curtain, accessories, fixtures, backsplash, and even the sink - and get the right mix. Patterns also give a whimsy and playful surprise.

  • Aside from colors and patterns, kids love the touch and feel of a surface. Opt for a granite or marble countertop and a matching stone or tile for the backsplash.

  • Consider getting a step stool for your growing child. Make sure that it can be tucked away easily to prevent tripping.

  • To reduce injuries in the bathroom, install grab bars near the toilet so your child can get on and off easily and use shower mats for slippery floors. You can also use drain covers to keep toys out and keep kids from reaching in.

  • Go a step further and personalize the space with your kids artwork or you can let them paint or design the mirror frame. Get their input and remember, decorating is fun if you do it together with your kids.

Thinking of a bathroom makeover for your kids? Contact us today and let’s get started creating an efficient, easy-to-maintain space.