Last Post: August 15, 2016

Featured Project: Summertime Barbecue
August 15, 2016

We are excited to share a recently completed project. This great outdoor barbecue space was completed in July - just in time for summer barbecuing.

Stone is the best countertop option for your outdoor kitchen

The stone for this outdoor space was steel grey leathered granite. Granite is a fantastic stone for outdoor kitchens and countertops for many reasons. It can withstand the elements, is stain resistant and the color rarely fades in the sun.

Here’s a closeup of this weather-resistant granite

It was exciting to work with our client to find just the right material that resists the heat of outdoor cooking while withstanding Portland’s chilly winters and matching the overall look our client was attempting to achieve. As you can see in the pictures below, our clients had a particular style they worked to maintain. This stone was not only practical, but it beautified their outdoor kitchen as well.

The color contrast here works because the appliances are all in grey and silver

This granite color plays well with the overall look both in the sunlight and in the shade

We worked closely with our client, Steve, on this project. He sent this wonderful “thank you” to us after everything was wrapped up: “Thank you for all your help through this process. Your company was referred to me and I could not be more pleased. We built our house 2 years ago with a builder with very poor project management skills. We have worked with many contractors over the past couple years and I had lost faith in humanity. You and your company have taught me once again there are good, honest people out there. Thank you again for a job well done. Have a good weekend.”

We enjoy working on projects big and small. Whether you are considering building or remodeling your outdoor kitchen or updating all of the countertops in your home, we can help you find the right stone for your needs. Contact us today to discover your options.

Five Uses for Your Home Bar This Summer
August 2, 2016

Having an in-home bar can be a ton of fun. However, sometimes the space doesn’t get used as much as it could be. Here are five fun ways you can get some real use out of your home bar:

1. Serving Drinks

Of course, the main reason one puts in a bar at home is to create a beautiful place from which to mix and serve drinks. This can be an excellent watering hole during any type of party, whether you are using the space to serve lemonade and sodas at a child’s party or you are serving classic cocktails at a dinner party.

2. As a Coffee Bar

A wet bar is the perfect place to set up as a coffee bar during a breakfast or brunch. You can do anything from creating a simple spot where people can use the French press or Chemex. Or you can break out the espresso maker, put on the barista apron and make fancy cappuccinos and lattes for your friends or family.

3. Game Staging Area

Your bar top is a natural gathering place for friends and family, so why not make it the game staging area during a party? There is room for card games from blackjack to Cards Against Humanity, you can use the space to play board games, and more. The best part is that the space is set up for spills - so if you are playing any game in which drinks are involved, minimal cleanup is needed.

4. Your Go-to Hors D'oeuvres Location

When hosting a party it can be hard to find a good space for hors d'oeuvres as well as drinks. With a big enough bartop, you can keep all of the food and drinks in a centralized location, making for less cleanup.

5. Hosting a Wine Tasting

Wine tastings at professional wineries are often done at a bar top, so why not use your space to host your own wine tasting? You can set up a vertical, horizontal or even blind tasting for friends and family at the bar, with cheese and crackers on hand for the real wine tasting feel. Just be sure to control the pour until after the “tasting” part of the party's over.

Do you want a beautiful in-home bar or are you considering remodeling your bar? Contact us today! We have incredible stone countertops that will give your home bar the perfect finish.

Is Your Yard Barbecue Ready?
July 20, 2016

Summer is in full swing! For many of us this means we have to get our backyard barbecue going for regular dinner meals and outdoor parties. So, whether you have just pulled out the grill or you’re utilizing the whole backyard, here are 10 tips for making your yard ready for action:

1. Get going on the yard work

If you haven’t already mowed the lawn and collected any plant (or people) debris, now is the time to do so. Clean up and seal any decking or patio area, get your plants tied back if need be and sweep up walkways to keep everything trip or slip-free.

2. Set up the lighting

Even though the golden summer sunshine lasts late into the night, the sun will go down eventually. Make sure you have outdoor lighting set up. There are a lot of great solar-powered options that work well in our Oregon summers.

3. Get your grill going

If you haven’t used your grill yet, be sure to clean it and start it up before you plan to cook anything. You want to make sure it’s prepped and ready for action when you have those steaks marinating.

4. Think about the layout

Are you or your friends and family dining outdoors? Be sure to set up tables, chairs and the serving table in a way that won’t stop you from dominating the grill. Too often the grillmaster has to juggle food that is done on one side of the barbecue while they are working to cook additional food. Instead of balancing everything on the barbecue, have a place to set your raw foods and a separate table for everything that has been cooked.

5. Get the furniture ready

June presented some odd weather for outdoor furniture. If you haven’t cleaned off your chairs and tables since the heatwave and subsequent rain and thunderstorms, now is the time to do so.

6. Set up a kid zone

Many of us here in Portland have standard yards with lawns and possibly a chicken coup or some plants. Unlike homes with pools, this means our yards are pretty boring for children. Set up a space with fun outdoor games like hopscotch, cornhole or horseshoes for kids to play while the adults chat.

7. Be sure to keep your pets safe

With people coming in and out of your yard, it’s easy for your dog, chickens, or indoor cats to slip outside and get separated from the party. Set up a pet friendly space where they can remain safe during your barbecue.

8. Prep the firepit

Give your backyard a camping feel with a crackling fire when the sun goes down. Just be sure you aren’t fumbling in the dark for firewood or kindling. Get everything ready before the barbecue starts.

9. Remember to feed yourself!

The grillmaster sometimes makes all of the food and turns around to see it has all been eaten before he or she had a chance to take a bite. Set aside a plate for yourself before or while you are grilling to be sure you get to chow down.

10. Think about next year

Do you barbecue all summer long, but have no outdoor kitchen? It might be time to consider installing a permanent kitchen extension in your yard. If you add roofing or an awning, you can even use this outdoor space to smoke or grill something delicious all year round!

If you are considering building a backyard kitchen, we have fantastic countertop material. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen space.