Last Post: November 24, 2015

How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa
November 24, 2015

Trend alert: people want spa-like bathrooms. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, really. Who doesn’t want a spacious, zen-filled environment to bathe and take showers in? However, many of us don’t have the space to build a full spa into our bathroom. So, what can you do to create the spa feel in your bathroom? Here’s a quick how to:

Get cozy towels. Splurge on those big fuzzy towels that you always see in high-end hotels and spas. There’s nothing like feeling as if you are getting a warm hug by something fuzzy when exiting the tub. Don’t forget to match the cozy feel with a fluffy bathroom rug!

Change up the lighting. Instead of being stuck with the usual overhead light, install adjustable swing lights and a dimmer switch. This will let you see your pores as clear as can be - or set the mood for a bathtime splurge.

Bring in a stool. Instead of putting your fun bath supplies on the floor or the side of the tub, use a stool to hold everything that spells spa while you’re soaking in the tub.

Install some natural stone. Nothing says luxury like natural stone countertops. That cool marble or soothing granite will help you connect with the earth and relax.

Paint the walls a nature-inspired color. Use green, blue, or brown to give your bathroom a calming feel.

Install a soaking tub. If you have the room, try installing a deep tub to soak in.

Use a massage showerhead. For all those days when you have to shower and dash, install a massage showerhead for that extra luxurious feel.

Hang some calming art. Put a calming or joyful scene up on the wall for a nice, relaxing sense.

We hope you have many cozy and relaxing baths in your future! Let us know if we can help you with your dream bathroom by contacting us right here.

Five Reasons to Love Natural Stone Countertops
November 18, 2015

Here at Milan Stoneworks, we provide both natural and engineered stone countertops. Both are fantastic and durable. However, there is something luxurious about natural stone countertops that we simply love. Here are our top five reasons to love these natural countertops:

1. Stone countertops are unique. Your countertop choice really makes the kitchen. When you buy stone countertops, they are one-of-a-kind. The veining, speckles, and color you have with your natural granite or marble countertop will not be replicated in any other stone.

2. Durability. We love how durable stone is. Water can’t permanently damage stone, heat isn’t a problem and it’s extremely difficult to chip or crack. Additionally, stone can be be repaired if, once installed, it gets nicked somehow.

3. Scratch resistant. Granite, quartz and marble are all pretty scratch resistant. You can get some real cooking done on a stone surface without worrying too much about harming the countertop.

4. Easy to clean. Despite rumors to the contrary, natural stone is really easy to clean. We have two “how to” articles on cleaning granite and cleaning marble that prove this.

5. Looks amazing. Stone countertops simply look gorgeous. They add a level of luxury to a room that is understated, but always present. Take a look at any high-end kitchen and they almost certainly have a stone countertop.

We are passionate about finding you the perfect stone countertop. Whether you go for natural or engineered stone, we can make your home look amazing with our options. Contact us today for a free estimate

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks for the Holidays
November 10, 2015

Your kitchen is probably the most used space during the holiday season. We are baking, chopping, stewing, roasting and frying all season long. How can a person get through the holidays without a major build up of dishes and Aunt Hazel’s gravy that exploded all over the floor? Here are some quick and dirty kitchen cleaning hacks just in time for the holidays:

Prevent garbage odor and leaks by lining the bottom of your garbage bag with crumpled up newspaper. While this won’t give you extra room in the garbage, it will stop any gross leaks and help absorb the smell of garbage.

Rapidly clean that blender you used to even out the cranberry sauce or get the lumps out of the gravy by filling it about three quarters full of warm water, dropping some dish soap in there and then running the blender for a few seconds. Poor out the water and rinse well. Be sure to let it dry completely after you rinse it.

Invest in an extra trash can or two. If there are too many cooks in the kitchen, your poor trash can is likely to get filled up to the brim really fast. Instead, invest in an extra can that you just pull out when major cooking is going on. That way, the regular trash can doesn’t have to perform double duty.

Get everything surface-clean after dinner. Don’t freak out about the pile of flour on your countertop or the five saucepans that somehow got used to make one item. Enjoy the meal that you and your family and friends made, and then clean up. The cleaning order should be: dishes, countertops, floor. Don’t get more complicated than that during holiday festivities. Go out and spend time with your friends and family.

Deep clean your cutting board. Don’t want everything you chop to smell like onions? Pour a generous amount of table salt onto the board and halve a lemon. Then, use the lemon as if it were a sponge and scrub the board. Scrape off the salt and lemon mixture with a knife or other likely scraper and then rinse and let it air dry.

Freshen your dishwasher. Your dishwasher may see many, many dishes during this time of year. Empty it of all dishes and fill a cup with white vinegar. Then, run the dishwasher through a wash cycle and a rinse cycle. You’re done!

Get rid of tough stains in the microwave by pouring white vinegar into a coffee cup. Set the cup in the microwave and let it run for 3 minutes. After you hear the ding, pour the hot liquid down the drain. Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the microwave.

These tips should help you keep your kitchen looking amazing and hopefully keep your holidays happy!

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