Bring Fall Colors to Your Kitchen


Fall in Portland is filled with gorgeous colors outdoors that we are seeing reflected in more and more kitchens throughout the city. These vibrant hues make us think of family gatherings, holiday feasts, and the scent of pies baking in the oven. The kitchen is the perfect place for these shades. Here are our favorite fall color trends:

Deep Green

Moss and hunter greens contrast against the gloomy skies and make your kitchen feel homey and put-together. These colors also go really well with starker blacks and whites. A hunter green kitchen contrasted with a bright marble countertop can make the space feel bright, cozy, and modern.


A shock of deep purple during fall reminds us there are still flowers in bloom this time of year. With our hot, hot summer, there are plenty of flowers still in bloom right now. This hue feels luxurious and adds depth to modern, streamlined rooms like your kitchen. It also goes extremely well with eco-countertop materials like fuez, Paperstone and LG Viatera.

Vibrant Red

A bright and vibrant red can be really tough to add to a home, but this energetic color can be captured in the kitchen. The key to using this color is adding in plenty of contrast. This can come in the form of countertops, cabinetry, light fixtures, and appliances. You can give your kitchen a 50’s feel by pairing red kitchen space with black-and-white floor tiles or dark granite counters.


Pure gold might be overwhelming as a solid color, but citrus tones or brushed metal can add a lot to the traditional kitchen. Once again, this bright fall color only works as long as the right contrasting colors are used with it. White CaesarStone quartz countertops and dark floors go great with gold accents.

Fall has just arrived, but we are excited to see more and more fall colors in kitchens around the Pacific Northwest. Be sure to contact us if you are looking for the right countertop to match your favorite kitchen hue.