Create Space with a Kitchen Island

One of the struggles many homeowners encounter in their kitchen is not having enough space. They may need more storage, more counter space, or both. Kitchen islands are specifically designed to help homeowners overcome this difficulty by effectively, efficiently, and aesthetically using the area that is already available within their existing kitchens.

While most homeowners seek kitchen islands to add storage, more countertops, and even a breakfast bar space, we see the island as a kitchen showstopper. You can break out of a traditional kitchen mold by topping your kitchen island with unique stone pieces that compliment your other countertops.

Installing a kitchen island also gives homeowners a reason to rethink their kitchen countertops. If they have a dated tile, it may be time to go green with eco stone options or you might be ready to make a statement with a unique slab of natural stone.

There are many great kitchen island choices. Here are four standard options, which can usually be mixed, matched, and customized to fit your needs:

1. Kitchen counter with cupboards and drawers beneath. This is pretty much your standard kitchen island that provides both extra storage and extra counter space.

2. Breakfast bar top. A kitchen island with the added benefit of becoming a breakfast bar or a serving top for canapes and drinks that is fun for large families or home entertainers.

3. Wet kitchen island. Some homeowners decide to move the sink to their kitchen island, reclaiming the counter space right next to the oven or stovetop.

4. Kitchen block. In an open layout kitchen, an island may be able to extend into cube. This allows the homeowner and her family to prepare food from four sides of the kitchen island without the loss of elbow room.

Each kitchen island option can be customized or mixed-and-matched. Additionally, while the use and structure of the island may remain standard, dressing it up with a new countertop is one way to make your kitchen island stand out.

Are you adding a kitchen island to your home? Contact us today and find out which stone or eco material will turn your island into a centerpiece.