This Year, Tackle That Kitchen Organization Goal


It’s a new year, and resolutions are back at the forefront. Organizing your kitchen may be on your list of to-do’s this year — and rightfully so. An organized kitchen makes it easier (and more fun) to cook meals at home, saving money spent on eating out. Moreover, when you’re done cooking, having an organized kitchen makes it easier to clean and put things away. When it comes time to go grocery shopping, being able to quickly see what is in your pantry and fridge can make it easier to ensure you only get what you need at the store.  

To help you get started, here are some cost effective tips and tricks for making the most of your kitchen space:

  1. Adhesive hooks are a great addition to any kitchen. Inside your cabinets or pantry, hang measuring cups, mixer attachments, spatulas, etc. These removable hooks and key hooks are useful when there is wasted wall space and a duster or dustpan to hang.
  2. Make use of that wasted space below your cabinets. When lower cabinets are installed, there is about 5 inches of space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor. This is often hidden with a piece of wood, leaving all that space to waste. Make use of it and build some pull-out drawers. This extra space is perfect for baking sheets and muffin tins! Hardware stores sell the necessary tracks and lumber to make your drawer dreams a reality.
  3. Visit the dollar store for storage bins, baskets, and more. The dollar store is a treasure trove of storage bins. Buy baskets to organize snacks in the fridge. Repurpose magazine holders to organize aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Grab a label maker (or sharpies, stickers, printed out labels, etc.) and get to sorting. Short on pantry space? Put some labeled bins in a drawer for more food storage.
  4. Cord bundlers are good in the kitchen too! A number of companies make cord bundlers that reduce cord messes in the garage and vacuum closet. How about mounting it to the side of your crock pot or stand mixer? Get that cord up and out of the way, and store your appliances without hassle.
  5. Plastic storage lids piling up? Find a CD or DVD rack, turn it on its side in a drawer, and voila: you have storage for all of those lids that never seem to be there when you need them. This gives you a better visual and makes it so you don’t have to sift through a mountain of lids at the back of your cupboard.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Choose one area to start with. For example, go through the cabinet under the sink, and then move on to the pantry. Pace yourself so you don’t get burnt out!

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