4 Reasons to Consider Quartz for Your Countertops


For too long, quartz was the most underrated countertop material, but now people have caught onto how great it is. Unlike other luxury items, quartz is as strong as it is gorgeous and comes in a variety of styles for unlimited options. It’s no secret that we love quartz, but now you should know why. Here are four reasons you need to consider quartz for your next countertop remodel.

  1. Engineered material - Quartz is a man-made material that’s composed of natural quartz mixed with pigments, polymers and resin. Depending on how it’s engineered and ground, quartz may resemble granite’s speckled appearance if coarsely ground or marble’s smooth appearance if finely ground. Appearance aside, the fact that quartz is engineered offers several other benefits we’ll discuss below.

  2. Versatility - Because quartz is an engineered material, it can be made to come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any design. When the technology for quartz manufacturing was still new, the color and design options were limited. Nowadays, however, that is far from the case. Not only have manufacturers made the material to come in a any color imaginable, they have also perfected the art of mimicking granite, marble and other stones’ aesthetics. Now quartz can be identical to these other natural materials and still be more durable. It can even be made to have a matte, glossy or textured finish.

  3. Durability - Quartz’s composition includes polymers and resin that give the material added durability and make it less porous. In fact, quartz is twice as strong as granite. Because of its strength and composition, quartz is stain-repellant and resistant to degradation by acidic food and drinks (like wine or citrus fruits), as well as resistant to scratches and chips.

  4. Low maintenance - With quartz, you get all the beauty without the high maintenance. Unlike any other countertop material, quartz doesn’t need to be sealed every year. A huge reason is because quartz is manufactured to be non-porous and basically indestructible. Rarely is a material equal parts beautiful and tough. When it comes to quartz, however, the combination is seamless.

Though we love granite and marble as much as we love quartz, we can’t deny that each material offers certain benefits over others. In the case of quartz, versatility and durability are without a doubt where quartz triumphs. To learn more about the material or to get started on your next countertop project, send us an email or give us a call at (503) 232-6206 today!