Featured Project: Northwest Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling? This beautiful project we did for a home in Northwest Portland perfectly demonstrates how to utilize different types of marble for subtle accents. This kitchen contains two types of marble. The kitchen countertops lining the perimeter and on the backsplash is Statuarietto Honed marble from Intrepid. The Island is Colorado Yule Lincoln Honed marble from Oregon Tile and Marble.

Northwest Portland Kitchen Milan Stoneworks

Here you can see the contrasting Colorado Yule Lincoln Honed marble on all of the countertops as well as the Statuarietto Honed marble in the backsplash.

Northwest Portland Kitchen, Colorado Yule Lincoln Marble, Milan Stoneworks

The kitchen island is topped with a beautiful and distinctive full slab of marble.

You can easily see the contrast between the two types of marble covering the kitchen island and the backsplash.

Northwest Portland Kitchen island, Milan Stoneworks

These photos demonstrate how no stone detail is exactly the same. Our client’s decision to utilize two different types of marble subtly accents her kitchen and provides a beautiful contrast. If you would like to change the entire look of your kitchen, be sure to contact us today.